Change default listen port?

I use caddy as reverse proxy which works on http/80 and https/443. All works fine if I use auto tls. Traffic to port 80 will be redirected to 443.

But if I use it to proxy a http site it won’t listen to port 80! It just bind to 2015…

I know it’s possible to add :80 or schema http:// to the domain, but would be finde to just fill the domain like and disable tls and it should bind to default (http) port 80.

Any change to do that? Tried -port 80, but seems not to work. Just no http vhost listen to port 80…

Hi @pwFoo

Think of it as a quirk. Caddy binds to :2015 by default so that it ‘just works’. A LOT of systems have something already running on :80 or block it without special config. A consequence of this is that if you are not using autohttps you must either specify http:// or :80 as you noted.

We don’t have plans to change this.

Should -port 80 work for me? Will it change default port from 2015 to 80?

Yes, as long as your site labels don’t specify/override the new default port. However…

What you proxy to shouldn’t have any effect on whether or not Automatic HTTPS works; I’d suggest looking into why it doesn’t work in this case.

Of course, if you’re turning Automatic HTTPS off manually, you will indeed need -port or a scheme/port in your site labels.

Thanks @Whitestrake, solved one problem caused by the used plugin / setup (docker reverse proxy with multiple domains). So I think -port 80 should work for me now. I’ll test it during the next week.

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