Can't get certificates for certain domains

So guys, after getting my purely internal proxy working with your help, I now ran into a new problem…

I had to wait a week to get all the certificates for all of my subdomains. (Believe it or not, Lets Encrypt has a limit of maximum certificates per week…) So today I tried to run caddy with my complete caddyfile via this command: sudo GODADDY_API_KEY=xxxxxxx GODADDY_API_SECRET=xxxxxxxxx caddy

But I ran into this error:
2018/03/22 18:56:36 [] failed to get certificate: Error presenting token: Could not create record [{"type":"TXT","name": "", "data":"uYcrqEGjcrf6iRdWdRTvT2coO6R7wB5l3n7Mvb9uSlE", "ttl":600}]; Status: 404; Body: {"code":"UNKNOWN_DOMAIN", "message": "The given domain is not registered, or does not have a zonefile", "name":"_Class"}

It is a new week now, so I should be able to get new certs… Additionally this only occurs with some domains that didn’t have any certs previously…

Also affected was “”, when I deleted the entry in the Caddyfile for that redirection the above error showed up.

All in all the following subdomains are affected:

I have no clue what is going… Any help is enormously appreciated!

That’s an error you’re getting from Godaddy; they’re saying that they don’t have a zone file for the domain you’re trying to validate, so they can’t add a record to it.

It strikes me as slightly odd to see the TXT name from the error as, I’m used to seeing either just or the full

So I will rather just contact Godaddy?

This seems really odd…

So I looked into this error. In the Godaddy admin panel all other zonefiles were created successfully in the following format: “”.
But even if I manually enter a new zonefile for “” I can’t start caddy, as it still gives the same error…

It looks like no other subdomain is possible anymore. From what I could find out there is no real restriction of the number of zonefiles for godaddy.

My idea now is that caddy does not parse to godaddy correctly… Is there a way to see what is going on?


running caddy with -log zone.log gives the following log file:

2018/03/26 20:45:51 [INFO][] acme: Obtaining bundled SAN certificate
2018/03/26 20:45:51 [INFO][] AuthURL:
2018/03/26 20:45:51 [INFO][] acme: Trying to solve DNS-01

Yep, strange. Time to take it upstream.

Here’s the DNS provider for xenolf/lego we import for our plugin:

You should raise an issue on that repo and try to ping smerschjohann, the author.

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Issue opened: DNS Provider: Godaddy - failed to get certificate · Issue #519 · go-acme/lego · GitHub

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