Cannot strip file extension from filename variable

Hello there

I am trying to list markdown files contained in a directory with the extension stripped. What follows is a minimized example of what I am trying to do.

The directory layout:


The contents of the Caddyfile:

ext .html .md

The contents of index.html

<h1>List of posts:</h1>
{{range $f := .Files "/posts"}}
  <li>{{.StripExt $f}}</li>

Caddy’s templating is unable to use the .StripExt method on the $f variable containing the filename. This results in an 500 internal server error when accessing the page.

Resulting error in the logfile:

executing "/" at <.StripExt>: can't evaluate field StripExt in type string

If anyone could help, it would be much appreciated.

Inside a loop, the context scope changes. See template package - text/template -

You need to reference the global scope with $ like $.StripExt:

When execution begins, $ is set to the data argument passed to Execute, that is, to the starting value of dot.

Thanks for the information. That fixed my issue.

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