Cannot find plugin modules with xcaddy v0.1.6


I’m trying to build my module with xcaddy v0.1.6 but xcaddy cannot seem to find my module.

I did a go list which displayed my module.

I then reverted to xcaddy v0.1.5 and that version seems to work.

Any pointers or ideas?


I’m not aware of any issues with xcaddy. You’ll need to give us a lot more detail. What command are you running exactly? What error message are you seeing? How can we replicate the problem?


Merry Christmas. Thanks for your speedy reply.

I should have included more details. My bad.

go version go1.15.6 linux/amd64

My plugin GitHub - chukmunnlee/caddy-openapi: A Caddy module to validate HTTP request and response against a OpenAPI spec (V3) file

This is how I’m currently running it
xcaddy run --config samples/Caddyfile.hello

go list returns the following

but xcaddy list-modules | grep openapi failed to grep my module ID http.handlers.openapi. Not issue with v0.1.5. Same with xcaddy build; v0.1.5 will build caddy with my module but not v0.1.6.


But what error are you seeing when building?

No error with build or run. v0.1.6 just reported that my directive openapi is not recognised when its parsing the Caddyfile

Do you have a caddy binary in your PATH?

Hi Matt, Francis

I’m not sure what happened but this morning xcaddy v0.6.1 is working.

Thanks for all your help


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