Cannot Delegate Subdomain

Trying to delegate a subdomain to different NS servers for GSLB purposes. For example, is the TLD. It has its name servers defined (local). I delegate a subdomain like with different NS records pointing to a different device. Then I create a CNAME record in the TLD that for example maps to A request for digs to correctly. CoreDNS should then pass the request to the external name server. It is not as proven by a network trace.

I am rather sure I have the zone file configured correctly. I can copy it and it works completely on a BIND9 server. It is just that CoreDNS is not forwarding the request to the external name server. I have also tried taking away the “proxy” directive from the Corefile (originally in there to proxy internet requests). Any ideas? Its almost like it is not recursive.

The isn’t a full recursor in CoreDNS. The proxy comes a bit close, but can only forward requests to a real recursor. If you need an actually recursor you should be using bind9 or any other recursor out there.

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