Cannot claim package

Hey, I’m trying to register a module to caddy v2.

@matt it shows unable to scan modules in package

error id: 97efdef0-c253-4a48-8919-fc638e84cb1d

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Ah, it’s because of this line:


Our code analyzer is a bit opinionated and requires either a composite literal (i.e. remove the &) or the use of new() instead of the & notation):

unexpected argument to RegisterModule(): &ast.UnaryExpr{OpPos:29911713, Op:17, X:(*ast.CompositeLit)(0xc0236a2440)} - expect either composite literal or new()

Looks like a useful plugin!! Thanks for making it and sharing it.


I saw that @matt already solved the issue. I just wanted to come in and say that this is a really interesting plugin and looks like it can be really useful.

Thanks for sharing it!


Thank you!

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