Cannot bind two port

in my Caddyfile:

:8888 {
    encode gzip
    root * /home/dist
:1999 {
    root * /home/wiki
    file_server browse

when i run caddy run
it shows:

run: adapting config using caddyfile: automation policy from site block is also default/catch-all policy because of key without hostname, and the two are in conflict: []certmagic.Issuer{(*caddytls.ACMEIssuer)(0xc00020c600)} != []certmagic.Issuer(nil)

v2.3.0 h1:fnrqJLa3G5vfxcxmOH/+kJOcunPLhSBnjgIvjXV/QTA=

Can you please fill out the template and not redact anything from the Caddyfile (except for API tokens, if any)? This config works fine for me without errors

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If you click “New Topic”, you should see a help thread template. Please fill that out completely, as it’s important for us to understand the context for your issue.

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