Cannot add plugins to download when downloading, a little thought and advice

I tried to download Caddy on the website.
No failure.

When I added some plugins, the page told me that it might be caused by a plugin issue.
In fact, I tried some plugins. If I only added one plugin, I couldn’t download it successfully.
Any plugin (of course I only tried a small half)

Caddy’s configuration files are simple and the documentation is easy to understand, which is cool.
But this does not mean that Caddy is great.
Maybe it used to be great, simple, convenient, cross-platform, and complete documentation.

But now we are confused. When the webpage is downloaded, there is no prompt to tell me whether this plugin will cause the download to fail. We have to try, try again, and try again until we are exhausted.

I also recently found Caddy, I want to feel Caddy’s useful features, but the features I want can’t work. At present, Caddy is not reliable. Recently, Firefox has also experienced a major failure. User’s confidence hurts a lot)

I think the most important thing about the server is stability and reliable. When I want to use it, it can work and work continuously. When it is upgraded, I hope that other plugins can work normally. The upgrade is to solve the problem. Not adding more questions.

Because Caddy is very convenient and very simple, many newcomers can use it easily, but it is obvious that these newcomers may not be able to solve the problems now, which makes the advantages of Caddy greatly reduced.

I use Caddy because of its simple configuration and more importantly, on the Windows system platform, I have not found a software or tool that can automatically apply for the SSL certificate of letsencrypt (using DNS). Now that the plugin can’t be added, its advantage has disappeared. Finally, I still manually apply for an SSL certificate, and then manually deploy it on Caddy. It cannot be obtained automatically and cannot be automatically configured.

I have been learning for a while, I guess the plugin problem will not be solved in the short term, and even I see in other posts that the official does not know if each plugin works.

Here are some of my thoughts:

  1. Thank you very much for your dedication. Caddy is really great, at least it was great.
  2. I hope that you can notify all the plugin authors, what changes have happened to Caddy, and how the plugin authors need to adjust the plugin to achieve compatibility. Guide the plugin authors to improve the efficiency of patching. (In the information I have already learned, I have not seen whether you have notified the author of the plugin)
  3. When there are major changes, I strongly recommend that you be able to notify the plugin authors, because the more plugins, the less likely the plugin authors will fix them in time.
  4. I see this sentence on the documentation page, “This plugin is independent of the Caddy project and is not endorsed or maintained by Caddy developers. Use at your own risk. Do not file issues for this plugin on Caddy’s bug tracker.” I guess what you want to say is: “The author of it is not us, we can’t guarantee that it has no bugs, and we can’t fix it.” I hope that you can take on a small part of the responsibility, that is, in the event of a major change in Caddy, inform these authors in advance, I think you should have the email of the registered author. Sending a notification email to the group should be achievable, without too much cost and without excessive responsibilities. But you can’t completely avoid the responsibility, because you integrate these plug-ins into the download page, we need your guidance, otherwise you can’t even download the software, and you can’t use it.
  5. I hope that your maintenance staff will test all the plug-ins, select the plug-ins that cannot be compiled, and prompt them to the users who will download them. I know that you are very hard and hard working, but the products that you try to make, the users can’t download, these hard work and efforts are wasted.

Maybe as a new user, I shouldn’t make so many requests, but these are just suggestions, and adoption is not necessary.

The above content is translated by Google and may be difficult to understand. Sorry, thank you for your contribution.


Hello @ejin! Thank you for coming here, to the Caddy community, and typing out such articulate feedback. The translation is pretty good.

I know the developers really value earnest input.

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Thanks for your feedback. The transition of all plugins to using Go modules in Caddy 1.0 has been difficult. Since the project is open source, feel free to build Caddy from source. The download page is merely a convenience we offer, but the source code is where you can always build the software you need, because it is open. Our project is Caddy, not the download page, so Caddy is what gets most of our attention for now. We also cannot be responsible for the continued functionality of third-party plugins, as they are maintained by independent developers, and listing them on our website is a courtesy, not a warranty.

Thank you, and thank you @Whitestrake for replying to my post.

I think I understand.