Can OCSP be disabled?

Is it possible to disable the OCSP-Check ?
My system is behind an firewall an don’t have an routing to the OCSP-Server:

tls stapling OCSP {"error": "no OCSP stapling for [... ]: making OCSP request: Post \"http:xxx\": dial tcp x.x.x.x:80: i/o timeout"}

The Timouts delay the start and the reload …

I think you could set the interval to 0 in the JSON config, but I haven’t tried it (no support for configuring that from the Caddyfile right now)

It cannot be disabled currently. There has been no need for this before. Why is it timing out? That is the real problem to fix.

The reason is, because the system has no access to the internet to connect the OCSP.
He is only accessible from the Internet over an Loadbalancer.

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