Can ipfilter be configured for multiple proxies?

Hi! I’m new to Caddy and I’m already loving it.

I have a question regarding ipfilter. I did search for this in google and in this forum, but I did not find an answer.

Is it possible to set an ipfilter block that applies only to a specific proxy?

I have several proxies like this: {
    proxy / {

What I’d like to do is to allow some of those subdomains to be accessible from the internet, but I’d like to make the rest only accessible from the LAN.
Setting a path in the ipfilter configuration doesn’t work for me because my servers are in multiple machines, and at the same time inside docker containers.

Is there a way to specifically filter access from the internet for each proxy?

If you need listeners only available from the LAN, you should use the bind directive so the port isn’t even exposed to the Internet.

I’ll take a look into that!

I only have port 80 and 443 exposed, and I’d like to have some of the URLs exposed to the internet, and some others only to the LAN.
Is that possible using the bind directive?
If so, could I do something like ?


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