Can invite me to maintain the dnspod plugin repo?

Can anyone invite me to maintain the dnspod plugin repo?

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If plugin authors become inactive or unresponsive, I’m OK with giving permission for others to take over maintaining it. To try to mitigate supply chain attacks I try to do some basic vetting of candidates, and I see some legitimate issues raised by you and a good-faith PR to try to fix one of them. So I think it’d be OK.

Although, I think your PR (support os environ token, fixed #8 by deancn · Pull Request #10 · caddy-dns/dnspod · GitHub) is probably not the ideal way to fix the issue. Instead, you’d want to go to the actual implementation in libdns/dnspod and look for the env var there: dnspod/client.go at 60257e5a784d62d5a2fb0878da25372533315fba · libdns/dnspod · GitHub

If you submit a PR more like that, I’d be happy to merge it for you and even give you push rights to further maintain it!

let me have a try. It may need some effort for me.

Actually, I am not very good to understand the Caddy TLS cert call chain so far.
Although I had used Letsencrypt to manage thousands of certs.

I think will take affect first.
If add to libdns/dnspod, should cannot work

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