Can I use same wildcard SSL cert for multiple domains?

I bought a wildcard SSL cert for my domain: * I need to step multiple sites for different purpose. For example for site A, for site B. My configuration file is as follows: {
   proxy /
   tls wildcard.crt wildcard.key
} {
   proxy /
   tls wildcard.crt wildcard.key

But when I reload caddy, site A seems to be fine, but for site B, it says: There is already a certificate loaded for, so certificate for [] will not service that name

So How can I use the same cert for multi sites with different content? Thanks.

It’s just a startup notice to say that you’re loading a certificate that covers the same site multiple times, and it’s not loading the new certificate over the one it’s already loaded in.

In this case, you’re loading the same certificate in multiple sites, so there’s no problem at all. Caddy’s just letting you know how it’s handling the situation.

It shouldn’t impact serving your site properly.

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