Can I use netcup DNS acme challenge in docker?

1. The problem I’m having:

From what I read on How to use DNS provider modules in Caddy 2, there are builds made for each provider. My DNS is hosted on netcup. Do I need to use the netcup client (Download Caddy) or can I do this with the docker image?

You need to use a build of Caddy with that plugin. With Docker, you should write a Dockerfile which adds the plugin. See which explains, see the section “Adding custom Caddy modules”.

This is only possible via a Dockerfile?
I could setup a cicd job where this is done, but I guess I will just use the debian/amd64 client instead because of simplicity.

Or is there anything i am missing to get acme with netcup on my host easily?

I don’t understand what you mean by this. “client” is a vague word.

If you want a custom build of Caddy in a container, then yes, you build a new image with the custom Caddy binary.

Not sure why that’s necessary. You can build the image in-place on the server that runs it :man_shrugging:

I mean this amd64 Linux extension package with client.

I hate manual updates, I have watchtower & unattended upgrades everywhere… building it manually wouldn’t satisfy my standards

I think there’s some naming confusion.

You’re downloading a Caddy binary from the download page (i.e. executable program) which has the netcup plugin included.

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