Can Caddy 2 issue certs for around 3000 domains?

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We have around 3000 domains that are powered by Caddy 1. I would like to upgrade to Caddy 2, and reissue certs for the existing 3000 domains.

If I simply upgrade and ask Caddy to reissue, can Caddy handle it?

Yeah, Caddy will issue certificates as fast as it can. Caddy v2 has upgraded logic that will slow itself down to avoid hitting rate limits. It may take a little while for it to issue all of the certificates, but you can read about the rate limits here:

Thank you for your response. I just read that LE has a rate limit of 300 new orders per 3 hours. So, won’t Caddy take a lot of time to issue certs for 3000 domains? Is there any other way to reuse the already issued certs by Caddy 1 after upgrading?

They can be reused in Caddy 2, but the storage format/structure changes a little. Simply convert the storage format from v1 (folder and file structure) to the format used by v2.

We can help your business migrate them though, just send an email to our contact here: Caddy for Business – and we’ll get you set up.

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Thanks Matt! I am trying to upgrade from Caddy 1 to 2. Everything is working fine except for one particular thing. I created a new topic here: Combining on demand TLS with custom SSL certs doesn't seem to work in 2.1.1.

Thanks for the amazing work you are doing! :slight_smile:

Btw, I just emailed to know more about a paid support plan. :slight_smile: @matt

Thanks for the ping, it went to our spam box for some reason. (We use Google Mail…) I forwarded it to Miguel so he’ll get back to you soon!

Thanks @matt. Looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

I have gone ahead and started experimenting a bit – any idea why combining on demand TLS with custom SSL doesn’t work in 2.1.1? I created a thread here

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I will take a look soon! I think others have reported something similar. Still working through my backlog as quick as possible.

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