CaddySSL is still not generating RSA keys instead of EC Kesy

Hello Mr. Matt,
It’s still not generated RSA key file instead of EC key, even though I added below code to my Caddyfile.

tls {
    key_type rsa2048

And my Caddyfile is now as below…
tls {
   key_type rsa2048

Please help me. Thank you in advance!

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        "sans": [
        "issuer_data": {
                "url": ""

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Super Sir,

It’s working very wonderfully more than my expectations with the same CaddySSL after I made a change to it.

A Heartfelt thanks to Mr.Matt for his straight solution and you too!

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Hi Sir,

I have added 3 mx records under DNS zones for MTA-STS. I’ve been struggling a lot to enable MTA-STS for my website. But, it’s still seems to be wrong.

So could you please let me have your guidance on how to make it done in a right way since I used in below lines in my Caddyfile and nothing worked for me.
 tls....{ ....}
} {

respond "version: STSv1
mode: testing
max_age: 86401"
header Content-Type "text/plain; charset=utf-8"


Many thanks in advance for your quick response.!

Kind Regards,

Can anyone help me with a solution for this, please? Thank you in advance!

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