Caddyfile vs json config (roll_gzip)

What is the direction w.r.t. the Caddyfile vs JSON configs by the developers in the short/mid/long term?

I constantly hitting the fun that I just need this little bit/feature, but it’s not in the Caddyfile, which means I’ll have to redo a “nice” Caddyfile into json.

Today’s fun: roll_gzip - I have a need for NOT to be gzipped as it rolls, but that’s not an option in the Caddyfile, but is in the json.

You’re the first to ask for this, I didn’t even know that was an option in JSON!

It should be trivial to add to the Caddyfile.

PRs welcome! If nobody does it, I’ll probably get around to it in a few days.

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