Caddyfile configuration v2ray problem

Caddyfile configuration file:
Tls /etc/ssl/caddy/ /etc/ssl/caddy/
Timeouts none
Proxy /ray {
Header_upstream -Origin
Root /var/www

V2ray config.json file:
“inbounds”: [
“port”: 12015,
“listen”: “”,
“protocol”: “vmess”,
“settings”: {
“clients”: [
“id”: “d230b52a-1a37-40c0-a199-70f63c34ca1b”,
“alterId”: 233
“streamSettings”: {
“network”: “ws”,
“wsSettings”: {
“path”: “/ray”
“outbounds”: [
“protocol”: “freedom”,
“settings”: {}
Problem: caddy display is working properly and can’t connect to the internet

Hi there,

We’re aware of issues with V2Ray. Can you please post the following information:

  • Your full Caddyfile (without changes)
  • Your full logs (from your Caddy process log and/or systemd/journalctl)
  • Full and complete error messages

Please use code blocks (3 backticks on their own line: ```) for code/config/logs.

Thank you!

maybe it’s not a caddy problem.
the v2ray config template may help you

Yep, it’s most definitely a V2Ray problem. We’re debugging it here as well:

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