CaddyFile and docker containers

I’m switching from Traefik where I’m using labels on my containers. Changing the labels to work with Caddy seems simple enough. However I have a few services and containers that won’t work with labels — at least they don’t in traefik and I assume I’ll have the same problem with Caddy. In other words I have to manually create the reverse proxy.

My question is, can you use labels for containers and a CaddyFile where you define some proxies? Will they “step” on each other? I’m hoping they don’t!

I assume you’re talking about GitHub - lucaslorentz/caddy-docker-proxy: Caddy as a reverse proxy for Docker ?

In which case, the labels translate directly to Caddyfile syntax, so anything you can write in Caddyfile, you can write with labels.


I am definitely interested in learning more about it - is this the right forum to ask about it?

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Take a look at the README for that project. If you have questions, you can open an issue on that repo.

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