Caddy works with Glitch

You can use Caddy easily now! :grinning:
The new target is Glitch ( ):

I use templates to ensure that Caddy works. It certainly works!
Even better, Glitch is now available for free! Thanks Glitch!
(Limited storage space and requests:

For simple usage, click the icon at the top left and select Remix Project.
Then replace index.html. Of course you can add files. It can be edited and uploaded online!
Also export to Git repository. Of course you can also import.

Caddy in Code is an executable file. Install from Console in Tools (lower left)
Please update this according to license selection and version update.

Caddy v2:(2.0.0-beta15)

rm caddy
curl -L -o ~/caddy
chmod +x caddy

Caddy v1:

rm caddy
curl -L "" -o ~/caddy.tar.gz
tar zxvf caddy.tar.gz
chmod +x caddy

Use the refresh command to restart the project server. Of course you can use kill instead.

Enjoy! :grin:

I think I need to add README, license, etc., but Iโ€™ll do that with your comments. :wink:


Thanks for sharing this!

When I read the title I was worried this was a bug report, at first. :sweat_smile:


laugh :smile:, you see issues and help every day.
But I know the GitHub issue.
There was no Glitch topic on this forum, so Iโ€™ll post it and you will find it difficult to comment.

I forgot to mention chmod +x caddy in the executable. It was added by editing.

Also, I could add PHP

Caddy v2+PHP

Caddy v1+PHP

But Glitchโ€™s PHP was oldโ€ฆ :frowning:

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