Caddy & WebDAV (for ownCloud)

I’m trying to run ownCloud with (still) php5-fpm using Caddy 0.9.4. However, WebDAV doesn’t work (client says HTTP Error: Message Corrupt), although there are no error messages related to this issue, neither in Caddy’s error log, nor in owncloud.log. WebDAV is especially important for me in order to be able to use ownCloud’s mobile app.

I found this blog post, where the update says that

[…] Caddy’s current release doesn’t support WebDav yet, resulting in the desktop/mobile clients not working. […]

I’d like to know if this is still true and if so, when is the release with WebDAV support about to come? In case Caddy already supports WebDAV, do you have any ideas on how to solve my problem?

Try Caddy 0.9.5 and disable timeouts: timeouts none.

Thanks for the reply, but still the same problem, unfortunately.

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