Caddy WAF plugin

Hey guys, I’ve built my first caddy plugin with Coraza library and I would be glad to receive some feedbacks.

The plugin is a bit outdated but soon I will use the latest Coraza version. It’s basically a go mod tidy.



Cool, thank you for sharing this!

It’s pretty unfortunate that this requires CGO, because that means it won’t be buildable from the Download Caddy page.

That’s unfortunate but in a few months I will be able to port every dependency (coraza-waf/pkg/utils/regex at master · jptosso/coraza-waf · GitHub and coraza-waf/libinjection.go at master · jptosso/coraza-waf · GitHub)


Awesome project. Absolutely love the idea and it’s great to finally see a WAF for Caddy! Will be following closely.

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