Caddy vs Kong vs Tyk as an API Gateway


really like the Caddy product and wondering if I can really use it for API Gateway functionality.

We have two use cases

  1. Write one REST API client in our core system to talk to a local API GW in a generic way and let it have rules and templates to upstream the requests and responses to different 3rd party APIs

  2. Do the same with SOAP based services, which are sadly still around in many enterprises, this would also require parsing JSON or XML from Request or Response and building a new body to transform from JSON to XML and vice versa. This is the best functionality provided by Tyk and utilizing golang templates.

  3. Most SOAP services send you a WSDL file to integrate against, Tyk for example can import these and generate it’s configuration around it.

Appreciated if anyone can shed some light

You could write Caddy modules to implement this functionality, but it’s not something inherent in Caddy.

I don’t know much about Kong or Tyk but I figure you could use Caddy to front them, terminate TLS etc.

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