Caddy V2: TLS Handshake

1. Caddy version ( caddy version ):

v2.0.0 h1:pQSaIJGFluFvu8KDGDODV8u4/QRED/OPyIR+MWYYse8=

2. How I run Caddy:

Installed from the repository

a. System environment:

Ubuntu Server 18.04


After a clean Caddy install, I get that domain in the Caddy logs, which is not mine. The question is that it points to the IP of my server. Is there any way for Caddy to ignore it. Mainly I wanted to get rid of these annoying console messages.

I await your response, thanks in advance.

Hi @JuanL,

Check out this, from the docs:

Caddy is a log emitter. It does not consume logs, except for the minimum processing required to encode and write logs. This is important because it keeps Caddy’s core simpler, leading to fewer bugs and edge cases, while reducing maintenance burden. Ultimately, log processing is out of the scope of Caddy core.

How Logging Works — Caddy Documentation

The only capability Caddy offers for filtering the logs it emits are these, configurable in JSON:

All defined logs accept all log entries by default, but you can filter by level and module/logger names. A logger’s name is the same as the module’s name, but a module may append to logger names for more specificity. For example, you can filter logs emitted only by HTTP handlers using the name “http.handlers”, because all HTTP handler module names have that prefix.

JSON Config Structure - Caddy Documentation

The recommended way to go about it is to exclude these lines later, when doing log parsing.

A very simple method would be to use grep - something like this would display the log excluding any line with that domain on it:

cat /path/to/caddy.log | grep -v ""

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