Caddy telemetry

(Hampton) #1

Do the Vanilla builds of Caddy (in Releases on GitHub) have the telemetry feature enabled? I want to use caddy in an in-house app, but telemetry is not acceptable or necessary in this use case. I don’t want to have to build it myself if I don’t need to, but I can’t find any information on whether telemetry is enabled in the Release builds on Github.

(Matthew Fay) #2

Hi @k4kfh, telemetry should be enabled for Github releases as they are based on the source code. I couldn’t find direct, explicit confirmation in the docs - but this is close.

Telemetry is enabled by default in the source code and disabled by default on our download page.

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(My1) #3

otherwise download from the website (for personal use), get a license (business use) or compile it yourself (any use can be used if one doesnt want to pay)

(Matt Holt) #4

The actual use of the binaries doesn’t matter anymore since they’re Apache licensed. Just need to pay for a subscription to the build server if you use that distribution channel for your business/service/profession.

(My1) #5

and downloading from the website is using the build server or is that wrong?

(Matthew Fay) #6

That’s correct - downloading from the website is using the build server.

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(My1) #7

which is why I said what I said because the website does go and ask you whether or not you want to use it personally or for business stuff. and if the github builds are telemetry on, the only way to obtain a business compatible caddy with telemetry off would be compiling

(Matthew Fay) #8

That’s an accurate assessment. The only option available, for a business that:

  1. Can’t afford a subscription to take advantage of the automatic build server, and;
  2. Can’t spend the time producing their own binaries for internal distribution;

who therefore must use non-customized Github release binaries, would be to disable specific metrics they’ve identified as being unwilling to provide.

The recommended way to disable telemetry is to turn off only the metrics that you do not want to report. You can do this with the -disabled-metrics CLI flag. (The disabled_metrics, timestamp, and instance_id metrics cannot be disabled individually.)

This is assuming they don’t use other distribution methods available, like Docker, for which a number of pre-customized images exist.

(Matt Holt) #9

Which is already more than the vast majority of open source projects can say, where the only way of getting a custom build is by compiling it yourself.

(My1) #10

totally true, although I also have to say that caddy is fairly easy to compile as well as the awesome thing as compiling for something else.