Caddy Syntax Discourse Integration

I’m fairly sure that Discourse has a syntax highlighter. Now I’ve been thinking for the short time this forum has been up, someone should totally make a syntax definition for Caddy, for Discourse!
I think this would definitely help out on being able to read a Caddyfile.

What do you guys think ?


Yes, I think that’d be great. Someone should do it…

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If someone can point me towards the docs for whatever Discourse’s syntax highlighter is, I’ll throw something together after dinner.

I couldn’t find any documentation or forum posts on the Meta forum about syntax highlighting plugins. You would have to go here:

That’s the folder with all the languages it accepts via HighlightJS.

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If someone implemented Caddyfile syntax for highlight.js, then I’d also be able to use it on the Caddy website (which uses highlight.js). :+1:

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@matt Got a beer, got the highlight.js and Caddyfile docs, let’s see what I can hack together.


Awesome! That would be wicked.

Is there somewhere a grammar available for Caddy?
Because what’s a DSL without a grammar? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure. I guess you could take a look at the Caddy documentation and whip up a diagram.

Eventually. One thing at a time… :smile:

Maybe I can work a bit on it, that way people writing new middlewares or making configurations can follow the grammar?

Any luck yet ?

Haha, haven’t done a thing yet… Very busy here right now.

Oh alright, sorry!

Eeh, bits and bobs. Highlight.js docs aren’t what I’d like them to be, and yesterday I was tearing up carpet all day!