Caddy service reload configuration

Caddy does not need to stop the service to reload the configuration method?

every time, modify the configuration file, need to restart the caddy service, and some services are affected.

e.g. nginx -s reload

You can have Caddy gracefully reload its configuration without restarting via the USR1 signal.

caddy -conf='./Caddyfile' -USR2

With the above command, does the service take a while to respond? How to keep the caddy service 0 downtime update configuration file

USR1 is not a flag for the caddy command, it’s a type of POSIX signal.

Here’s a link I dug up that explains how to send a signal to a running process: UNIX / Linux: 3 Ways to Send Signal to Processes

Once you send the signal to Caddy, you can observe its reload progress by tailing its logs, if you’ve specified any log output. It should be pretty quick.

thank you reply.
i try that.
because i want more perfect answer

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