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Hello I’m a Noob here. We intend using caddy to issue hundred of multi domain ssl. We decided to run caddy on google cloud Stateful managed instance groups for auto scaling and HA.

Caddy is supposed to take a domain like and do a reverse proxy to the subdomain of our site like

Do we go about doing this? Is there some api we can call on our app to create this on the caddy server in google cloud: caddy reverse-proxy …

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I’m not really clear from what you wrote exactly what you’re trying to solve. It would help if you could elaborate with more specifics.

But I’m going to guess you might be looking for On-Demand TLS:

Hey @francislavoie thank you for the reply. Caddy is packaged and deployed on Docker running on gcloud. We intend to issue different custom domain ssl to hundreds of our users.

We need a way to send to command to caddy server to reverse those custom domains to our own server.

Our app is in app engine and caddy server is in Docker running on Managed instance groups.

Caddy server will issues ssl custom domains and route those domains to another server.

The issue how do we trigger this since caddy has been packaged and running in a Docker container. We can’t be editing the caddy file at scale and repackaging and deploying every time. Is there a way to communicate with caddy to do this ?

Apologies for the long explanation

Again, it sounds like you need on-demand TLS. Your config doesn’t change when new domains are added. is also a service that does this for you (using Caddy).

Thank you @matt

@nerdeveloper you can message me directly if you need help with AppMasker (I’m the founder).

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