Caddy seemingly binding to only IPv6

Does Caddy only run on IPv6? I noticed on my Ubuntu VPS after installation that it doesn’t show any service listening on IPv4, and I wasn’t clear if this is intentional. This is the first service I’ve implemented that doesn’t also run on IPv4.

No, Caddy will bind to all interfaces by default. Your tooling may make it seem like it’s only IPv6. Try to connect over IPv4, it will probably work.

Strange. I run this:
sudo lsof -i -P | grep caddy

and I only see:
caddy 1024 caddy 8u IPv6 639756 0t0 TCP *:80 (LISTEN)
caddy 1024 caddy 14u IPv4 639755 0t0 TCP localhost:2019 (LISTEN)

I’m able to connect using the IPv4 IP address even though it doesn’t show up in that list. I was just wondering if that was causing my problem with getting an SSL certificate when I change the Caddyfile to use my domain name instead of :80. I need to check if my DNS records are configured for IPv6.

That looks normal.

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