Caddy proxy setup failing

Hello, this community seems awesome!
I recently tried out caddy because the very easy syntax but for me it’s failing on the task I need it for. My setup is is simple, I have a few proxy servers which forward requests to the actual application servers but whenever caddy gets it’s SSL cert’s, they are either unfindable or unreadable. My goal is to get caddy on all my servers.

I hope someone can help me out on this matter and if this has already been asked before, my apologies!

Can you show your Caddyfile? I do it with a Caddyfile like this: {
  proxy / other_host:port {
  policy ip_hash

  tls {
    max_certs 10

and works pretty good.

Hi, welcome! Please describe the precise steps you’ve taken (including your system environment) and the error messages you’re seeing.

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