Caddy Proxy 502 Errors

502 on POST requests made by Vue resaurce

although it works for requests with a small amount of data.
and it only happens for multipart/form-data post requests.

on the backside, nginx is there, but seems those requests never reach to that.
stderr Logs:

13/Feb/2018:09:34:47 +0000 [ERROR 502 /bill/data] EOF
13/Feb/2018:09:39:19 +0000 [ERROR 502 /bill/data] EOF
13/Feb/2018:09:41:00 +0000 [ERROR 502 /bill/data] EOF
13/Feb/2018:09:43:26 +0000 [ERROR 502 /bill/data] EOF
13/Feb/2018:09:51:36 +0000 [ERROR 502 /bill/data] EOF
13/Feb/2018:09:52:02 +0000 [ERROR 502 /bill/data] EOF
13/Feb/2018:09:54:57 +0000 [ERROR 502 /bill/data] EOF
13/Feb/2018:10:00:34 +0000 [ERROR 502 /update/bill/1] EOF

caddyfile: {
    proxy / {

    log /var/log/caddy-mohit.log

Note: I am using Docker containers for both with the same docker network.

Hi @Mohit_Deshwal, welcome to the Caddy community. I edited your post to change the formatting a little so I could read the logs and Caddyfile easier.

Add errors /var/log/caddy-mohit-errors.log to your Caddyfile, recreate the issue, then check the new log file.

The errors log is likely to give you a much better explanation as to why Caddy issued the 502s.


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