Caddy Plugins RPM File

When I was using NGINX, I always had a problem of not having precompiled RPM files of modules.
Now, here on Caddy, I am still facing the similar issue!
I have Caddy server RPM file to install on my AlmaLinux 9 (EL9) VPS. However, I am not getting RPM files of Caddy plugins or Caddy compiled with plugins RPM file to directly install and use.
I tired to use xCaddy but I don’t know to do with it because I am not that expert! But, I could have complied the rpm file of Caddy plugins if I had the .spec file available.
So, finally I am asking in this community if somebody could favor me by providing RPM repo of Caddy server with plugins or the .spec file so I can use Caddy server with the required plugins.

For debian-based distros, we have instructions here for “diverting” the installed binary from the packaged one. That makes it easy to keep the support files updated while controlling the binary itself with xcaddy.

I don’t know of any equivalent for rpm-based distros. I don’t use them, so I’ve not had a reason to look into it. If you find something similar, let us know and we can document it.

You build the binary with xcaddy build, it outputs it beside where you ran it. Then you move it to /usr/bin/caddy to overwrite the binary that ships with the rpm packaged one. Keep in mind that if the package updates, it will overwrite your built binary, and you’ll need to rebuild it for the new version and move it again.

Not so much helpful in my case where I am looking to get RPM or .spec file of Caddy with plugins for RHEL 9!!

Well, this is the spec file of our official build. You have to figure out how to edit it for your needs.

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