Caddy padlocks (real, physical locks)

I’ve been wanting to make some actual physical locks for a while, and now it might be happening! I got a quote from a manufacturer and am trying to gauge demand before I place an order.

(Note that actual padlock may look a little different; that is just a mockup that I made, it’s my best guess. I’m sure it will look good though! Much better than the jpeg-artifacty image…)

I just need you to retweet that if you are interested in a padlock. All padlock orders come with some stickers. I think I will be able to ship internationally, and most likely I’ll be able to eat the shipping costs. Orders of more than 1 will be discounted probably ~30-40%.

Let me know what you think! RT that tweet if you are interested or know of others who might be.

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Put me down for one of these. :caddy:

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