Caddy or Caddy-Filter Dose Replace Set-Cookie Domain

After this Posts Reverse Proxy Cookie Set and Read

I tried to replace header_downstream Set-Cookie 'SESSION={~SESSION}' is not work.

Caddy’s Placeholder {~cookie} not support response.

And Caddy-Filter can’t replace Header content,only Content Body.

so,I tried to modify caddy or caddy-filter.add some featrue like that.

But,I found that seems not be easy.

echocat/caddy-filter/filter.go Line 63

	bodyRetrieved := false
	for _, rule := range instance.rules {
		if rule.matches(request, &header) {
			if !bodyRetrieved {
				body = wrapper.recordedAndDecodeIfRequired()
				bodyRetrieved = true
			body = rule.execute(request, &header, body)

		if rule.matchesSetCookie(request, &header) {
		//	is match Set-Cookie
			oldHeader := wrapper.Header().Get("Set-Cookie")

I wanna add matchsSetCookie function.

wrapper.Header().Get() Only get a value?not return array.But,Set-Cookie header always had a lot.

I cant get all values of Set-Cookie,so I cant finished it.

How can i do that.

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