Caddy Official Docker, Crashes when Updating Caddyfile

Caddy 2
Official Docker Image

Everytime I edit the Caddyfile found at /etc/Caddyfile the container crashes and has to be removed and replaced. I want to use Caddy as a reverse proxy but have tried an initial simple setup of:

tls myemail

Am I editing the file in the wrong location?

What works for me:

  1. Create (or update) a Caddyfile in home folder (I don’t think the actual folder really matters).
  2. In same folder run the command caddy reload : this normally changes your configuration to what is specified in the Caddyfile in that folder.

… but I am wondering if your Caddyfile is really correct. Can’t you use a simple example file you can find in the Caddy documentation ?

Please fill out the help topic template. There’s critical information lacking in this post.

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