Caddy not working for Ombi

I just downloaded the latest version of Caddy for Windows. I have Ombi running and I would like Caddy to make Ombi accessible via the internet. My Caddyfile is the following:{
    reverse_proxy /

I try to run Caddy but it won’t work. Am I doing something wrong?

Two things:

  • You must have a space between your site label and the {, otherwise Caddy is parsing { as being part of the site label.
  • Caddy’s path matching is exact-match, meaning that / will only match requests to / and not to /foo. Instead, just remove the / from your reverse_proxy directive, which makes it default to *, meaning “match all requests”. Read about request matching here.

For next time, please fill out the thread template, and please describe what actual error you encountered. I as able to help only because I found the issues in the Caddyfile obvious, but without logs or the error message, it’s usually nearly impossible to help. Saying things like “it won’t work” is essentially useless. We already know that, otherwise you wouldn’t be asking a question. Be clear and specific about what the problem is when asking questions.

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