Caddy not loading CSS sheets?

(Justinglock40) #1

I’m trying to reverse proxy Ombi V3. It loads the page but doesn’t show any content. It just loads the background. any ideas that may cause this?

proxy /ombi {

(Matthew Fay) #2

Have you configured Ombi’s Base URL setting to /ombi?

A common problem is having this set to something other than what you’re using as the proxy base path in Caddy, which would cause Ombi to link to assets (JS, CSS, images) outside of /ombi (which would likely be 404’d by Caddy, breaking the site).

(Crooze) #3

This is what I added to my Caddy file for Ombi.
rewrite / {
r ^/dist/([0-9\d*]).js
to /ombi/dist/{1}.js

(Nickydd9) #5

Can confirm this rewrite worked for me

(Justinglock40) #6

Solid copy