Caddy-net Server type plugin for Caddy


caddy-net is a TCP/UDP proxy server type plugin written for Caddy not too long ago and is currently available to download from the Caddy website.

At the moment of writing I can see 522 downloads for it.

Please let me know if there are any questions, feedback or feature proposals.

caddy-net github project page



Pieter, this is a great start!

I would suggest improving the documentation for it. It may be helpful to mention in the README that they’ll need to run Caddy with -type=net in order to have Caddy treat the Caddyfile as a net type Caddyfile.

Also a complete rundown of the directives and what can be done would be helpful!

I know it’s still in flux, and I have a feeling some of the Caddyfile syntax could be enhanced/improved upon a bit, but it’s a really great first iteration.

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Thanks for the suggestions @matt. I agree , the docs definitely need some improving