Caddy Minecraft Server

Hi, is there a way with Caddy 2 to reverse proxy a minecraft server? I hear it uses TCP and isn’t that able to be enabled through experimental_http3? I am a beginner :slight_smile:

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Caddy doesn’t support proxying TCP with only the built-in modules. Until the sponsorship goal is reached, @matt’s Project Conncept which makes it possible, is only available to sponsors, so please read the below and consider sponsoring if it’s something that would be valuable to you:


Ok. Thank you, I appreciate the reply

If you have a dynamic DNS provider look into SRV records. they can be used to point to a minecraft server. Just google “SRV record minecraft”, you will get a lot of options.

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Thank you for the advice! Actually I found a service called that does exactly what I needed to be done. It redirects the server address and has a plugin that prevents people from directly joining via ip. :slight_smile:

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