Caddy log analyzer

What tools do you recommend for analysing and looking at the Caddy logs? The json format retains a lot of data, but my current tools I’m used to simply doesn’t translate well to json.

The popular GoAccess has native support for Caddy’s JSON logs. Any other JSON log processor should work fine too. (Lots of hosted platforms support JSON as well.)

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Thanks. I’ve used GoAccess before and didn’t realise it had support. I’ll look into that.

I just discovered jq too. So I can grep stuff from the command line. jq .common_log < access.log

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FYI, the common_log field in the logs is deprecated, and will soon be removed. I recommend not depending on it.


That’s good to know. Apart from a statistic tool like GoAccess, what tools should I be looking at to really analyse the logs of in details, for example when debugging some issue etc.

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