Caddy license for commercial use

I would like to use caddy server for a commercial project. Reading about it’s licensing has really confused me.
It’s suppose to be free for commercial use only if i do the compiling myself? And i have to pay if i want to use these versions commercially?
Then, i saw that this doesnt exist anymore, and everything is under apache 2, so i can use compiled versions in commercial projects too for free.
Can this be clarified?

Where did you hear that about commercial licenses?

You can find everything you need to know about licensing on our website and/or the GitHub project page (the LICENSE file).

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But the official caddyserver link doesnt work, so i guess it’s something from the past that doesnt apply now.

In any case as i’m new (and afraid, of messing with licenses), according to Github LICENSE file here I can use caddy for free in commercial projects, even using packages found here. Do i understand correctly?

yes, the github summary also mentions that commercial use is allowed
and I don’t know why there would be a difference to pre-built binaries, if everything is in order these should be identical to self-compiled ones :wink:

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Thanks for the link. You’re reading Internet comments that are 5 years old. (How did you find that in the first place? Just curious)

Caddy is Apache-licensed, that’s it.

Yes. (And to clarify, Caddy’s source code has always been Apache-licensed. We also never put any features behind a paid version.)

i don’t know either. It looked strange to me also.

i dont remember exactly but now, if i google is caddy server free for commercial use? it’s the 4th-5th result.
I had seen these are old comments, but i had the stress of not understanding some details on the license and believe the wrong stuff.

Also, thanks for giving a simple Yes answer and for created a such nice tools, and most importantly with so nice documentation.

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Wow, lookit that. Those aren’t very helpful search results, how frustrating.

Thanks for asking here then. Hopefully more people will not worry about that.

I think people like me (i.e. noobies in this license thing) would like to see a clear answer.
Btw can’t you just comment underneath this reddit post to clarify that things are different now?

I don’t have a reddit account. But please feel free to do so!

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