Caddy IRC channel?

First, thanks for Caddy! :slight_smile:

Is there an IRC channel that folks tend to hang out on?


Yeah that should be cool. Sad that the chat have been closed

We won’t open an official “chat” venue because it loses too much content that can’t be searched by future readers. But I guess I can’t stop anyone from creating their own IRC channels.

These forums update in real-time so it has the same effect as chat as well as the benefit of being searchable.

Feel free to hang out here as much as you please. :smile:


I totally understand - we use slack, but because we don’t pay for it we lose history. Pain in the behind.

In case anyone is interested, there appears to be 2 channels on freenode, #caddy and #caddyserver. If anything interesting happens over there I’ll post it here for posterity.