Caddy, internal acme and Server Cert subject blank

Hi Community,

Can Caddy request/obtained server certificates with the “Issued To” / “CN” populated?

I managed to get my caddy running and point to an internal acme server but I get blanks on the server certificate:


My caddy file

mysite.home {
reverse_proxy mymachine:8082
tls {
issuer acme https://ca.home/acme/acme/directory {
trusted_roots /etc/caddy/root_ca.crt


CommonName is deprecated, so Caddy doesn’t fill out that field in the CSR. It doesn’t really make sense with SANs.

You’ll have to ask the developers of certificate viewer to fix the display, unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to change how those work.

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Hey Matt,

Thank you for taking time to reply! It was a matter of what I was used to and not knowing about it being deprecated.



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