Caddy in a Unikernel?

Hi all, I’m new to the community, we recently ran into a Hacker News thread talking about Caddy and unikernels (specialized virtual machines for super efficient cloud deployments) We’re the people behind the LF OSS Unikraft project (, so we just tried and we now have Caddy running in a unikernel. Would this be of interest to the community and/or maintainers? Apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to post, would be more than grateful for pointers.


Yeah, here is fine :+1:

Nice! :+1:

I can’t say I’m surprised it worked though, given that Caddy is a static binary. It was a goal that it could run almost anywhere with minimal effort :sweat_smile:

In what sense? I’m not sure what you’re proposing. If you mean to list installation instructions or w/e, you could make a PR to add it to Install — Caddy Documentation in the Community-maintained list (see GitHub - caddyserver/website: The Caddy website).


Very cool – we love finding out about new integrations – I second Francis’ advice and we can add it to our docs for starters! Thanks for sharing.

Hi Matt, Francis, (nice to e-meet you both!) great, we’ll start working on a PR, we’ll submit it very likely this week. Thanks!

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Hi, Francis, Matt.

It tooks us a while to get back. We created a pull request documenting how to run Caddy with Unikraft.

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Also note that Caddy runs on KraftCloud, the platform powered by Unikraft. If you would be interested, we could have the Caddy website be deployed on KraftCloud (for free, and with all the nice features - scale-to-zero, running with a unikernel).