Caddy & HHVM portable. Idea for plugin

I started Caddy & HHVM from Desktop in Debian. Portable.

I’m still working on the command. But the principle is that everything can be started from one folder.

EDIT. This works definitly

./hhvm0 --mode server  --config php.ini --config server.ini > /dev/null 2>&1 &

./caddy0 > /dev/null 2>&1 &

Various ideas arise in my mind.

One click WordPress :roll_eyes:

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I tested yesterday and today.

Here is my (~34.7 MB) folder from the above pictures. For testing purposes. (works on Debian 8)

WordPress from one literally any - folder {anywhere} as a separate server. With HHVM. So you do not need even open_basedir.

Works on Raspberry Pi 3 - I tried. Can hold a blog of 200 people online.

The only thing remains to install MySQL separately.

Should be made portable MySQL also . PostgreSQL or SQLite ?

With this, it could literally be delivered preinstalled WordPress.

Self-extracting for for various systems.

Because HHVM and WP works together. The problem is that not all php software is compatible with it.

hello mikorist,
i managed to use sqlite with wordpress on my home windows server.
what you did would make a very portable wordpress setup.

1 first you install sqlite plugin for wordpress
2 then you create db.php file in wp-content folder
3 then you add some lines to wp-config.php and voila

check this tutorial: WordPress with SQLite - Darryl Dias

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