Caddy has an official Docker image

Caddy finally has an official Docker image!

$ docker pull caddy

Until now, all Docker distributions of Caddy were unofficially contributed by the community, and have accumulated over 25 million pulls.

Many thanks to @hairyhenderson and everyone else who contributed! Also thanks to the Docker team for letting this happen.


I just want to add that anyone who’s been using the caddy/caddy images should migrate ASAP to the new caddy image. Only Caddy 2.0.0-rc.3 is available in the new official image (no older tags), but everyone’s already using that… Right? :wink:


What is the process for updates to the official image? I see that 2.1.0 has already been pushed to caddy/caddy, but the official image doesn’t have it yet.

It’s a slightly manual process. When a release is tagged on the Caddy project, we update the references and checksums to the built binaries from the release in the caddy-docker repo. That gets reviewed and merged.

Then, we make a PR against the docker official images repo to update it there, which gets reviewed by the maintainers of the official images repo.

Then, it goes through their CI pipeline to build all the images which may take a bit of time depending on their available resources and what’s in the queue, etc.

The PR against the official images repo was merged a couple hours ago, so it should appear soon (if it hasn’t already).

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Thank you for the explanation!

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