Caddy fails to start activating privacy features unexpected end of JSON input

(Justin) #1

Seeing the following error in /var/log/syslog:

Apr 15 18:31:28 ip-172-31-26-148 caddy[25722]: Activating privacy features… 2018/04/15 18:31:28 unexpected end of JSON input

We are using On-Demand TLS with the ask directive. Any ideas? Thankfully we have two nodes and the other is running which is strange because they share a common NFS share for CADDYPATH.

[Solved] Fails To Start decoding certificate metadata: unexpected end of JSON input
(Justin) #2

Nevermind, somehow AWS EFS unmounted itself on that instance. Sigh!

Would be awesome is Caddy logged which json file it failed reading.

(Matt Holt) #3

Glad you figured it out. I think that depends on lumberjack, which manages the log files for Caddy. Might be a request for enhancement on lumberjack! But I’m mobile and going off memory.

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