Caddy docs are incomplete... Even a bit confusing

I have been using nginx before using Caddy. Yesterday I tried Caddy for the first time after reading the Caddy 2 documentation, but I feel that the documentation is not complete and a bit confusing. For example, docs/json/ and caddyfile/directives

Take the “header” example

This header documentation page is missing many parameters, as well as parameter values

“For example, some parameters are missing”

“The parameters are missing more values.”
Referrer-Policy It should support more values, such as ‘strict-origin-when-cross-origin’, but I did not see a more detailed explanation in the documentation.

I am a person who is eager to learn and I really enjoy reading documentation
Are there any other comprehensive documentation websites available? Please share with me, thank you.

It’s not the Caddy docs job to document all the possible HTTP headers. Its job is to document how to use Caddy, in general.

If you want documentation for HTTP headers, I recommend using HTTP headers - HTTP | MDN.


As Francis said, MDN is really your best resource for learning about HTTP headers. Caddy documentation’s job is to document how Caddy works.

yes i understand.
But the document content is still clearly missing.
Maybe it can be opened, so that users who like caddy can contribute their own strength.

The website’s source is right here:

But I fundamentally disagree with your comments. Headers are a concept of HTTP as a protocol. There’s no reason the Caddy docs should waste time – our time writing the docs, and the reader’s time by reading things they could find in better quality elsewhere.

HTTP headers are key-value pairs. There’s literally an infinite amount of possible HTTP headers. If there’s a particular header that’s relevant to your application, then that’s a concern of your application.

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