Caddy-Docker serving https pages on Traefik reverse proxy subdomain


I’d like to host a site with Caddy, and have that served on a subdomain presented via Traefik reverse proxying. My Traefik setup already performs Acme cert generation per subdomain dynamically, so I don’t need Caddy to do that (I think?).

My setup is Caddy running in a container from the abiosoft/caddy image, with a Caddyfile set to what the site’s address would be if it were being proxied by Traefik to the web.

Can I just disable the Let’s Encrypt part of Caddy’s initialization? Right now it fails, presumably as I’m not forwarding ports to Caddy, so Let’s Encrypt can’t verify. The error in my log is:

failed to get certificate: acme: Error 400 - urn:acme:error:connection - Timeout

Should I just use ‘tls off’ in my Caddy file? Does that completely disable https? Is there a way I can have it inherit certs from Traefik or should I be separately passing it through the router to get it’s own?

Am I overcomplicating this massively and there’s a really simple elegant solution I’m glossing over?

Yes, yes I am. I think. I’ll just turn tls off.

Yep, that’ll do what you need.

Or you can hard-code the scheme or port to be http.

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