Caddy crashes using staging

I’m trying to fix a configuration problem but Caddy simply crashes silently.

I have had Caddy running on a particular domain for several months. I added another domain alias and hit a problem.

When I use the built-in CA, it works fine, but it goes on to exceed the Let’s Encrypt rate limits and locks me out for a week.

So when I switch to the staging endpoint using the -ca option, Caddy simply crashes silently (no log messages are emitted). I didn’t change anything else. Clearly, a silent crash is bad news. Any suggestions how I can get more info out of it?

I’m using v0.11.1 on Ubuntu 16.04LTS

Can you provide more info please? How are you running Caddy, what is your Caddyfile, and what are the exact steps so we can reproduce it (no redactions please)?

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