Caddy configuration php

php_fastcgi) unix//run/php/php-version-fpm.sock

Couldn’t find below information so thought I would turn to the Community

On using Linux do I have to install php in order to use the above syntax and do I have to swap Unix for Linux? For the above syntax to work
Your help would be greatly appreciated
I couldn’t find my information about this my questions on caddy Community or on the internet regarding my questions if someone could help me out or point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it
Please note another reason for turning to caddy Comunity is cause I legally blonde like I said anyone’s help would be greatly appreciated

Please fill out the help topic template when asking questions.

Yes, you need to install PHP to run PHP code. Caddy doesn’t come with PHP.

Look I’m not to sure what template your asking me to fill in but In case you missed it I did say I’m legally blind but in future if I do however ask for assistance again I will look for this template your asking about
Yes I’m aware caddy doesn’t support php out of the box but to my understanding you can get the fast-chi to process php code it’s ok I answered my php question but thanks for your reply

The template automatically fills in the input when you select the Help category. Do screen readers not read the contents of the inputs you’re typing/speaking into?

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